The Government Has A Database Of Millions Of Students' Sexual Orientation And Religious Belief — And Many Weren't Told About It

The Department for Education is holding named records detailing the sexual orientation and religious beliefs of more than 3 million students and graduates, thousands of whom were not told that their sensitive data had been shared. Data obtained through a freedom of information request by BuzzFeed News reveals that the Department for Education (DfE) holds sexual orientation data on almost […]

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Incoming: Why We Need "Hot Girl Summer"

Trump says Minnesota can’t stand Ilhan Omar. His attacks have made her more popular than ever back home. For days, Rep. Ilhan Omar was targeted by President Donald Trump as the subject of racist tweets — a story that dominated headlines. Chants of “Send her back!” followed at a Trump rally in North Carolina. Omar, a first-term congresswoman who came […]

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The Government Has Ignored A Report Into The Preventable Death Of A Refugee On Manus Island

Hamid Khazaei. The government is yet to respond to an inquest that found the death of a 24-year-old refugee in Australia’s offshore detention was preventable, one year after the coroner published his recommendations to stop other deaths from occurring. This is despite the Department of Home Affairs repeatedly suggesting that it was close to responding to the coroner’s findings, including […]

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