A history of celebs being ambushed at events

Justin Timberlake was the latest victim of Vitalii Sediuk’s assault when he tried to take his legs out from under him at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris.

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Another one of Sediuk’s many “pranks” was trying to crawl under America Ferrera’s dress at the “How to Train Your Dragon 2” screening at Cannes. He was quickly apprehended by security and dragged off.

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Sediuk also took the opportunity to slap Brad Pitt in the face at the premiere of “Maleficent” in 2014. He was hunted down by the LAPD and arrested.

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Sediuk was hit himself when he tried to kiss Will Smith on the mouth when they went in for a hug at the “Men in Black III” premiere in 2012.


He also tried to pick Bradley Cooper up at the 2014 SAG Awards.

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Sediuk stole a kiss from an unsuspecting Miranda Kerr as she entered the Louis Vuitton show in 2015.


And he got too close for comfort to Ciara when he dropped his pants at the Valentino show in 2014.


Sediuk attacked Kim Kardashian twice, knocking her down during Paris Fashion Week in the first incident, and attempting to kiss her on the rear in the second.


Kim has been the target for multiple pranks in her career. An animal rights activist went wild with a bag of flour on Kardashian at the launch of her True Reflection perfume in 2012. Kardashian was doused in the white powder after the woman emptied a plastic bag of it over her head. She was able to clean herself off and continued with the event.

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During the 2012 Oscars, Ryan Seacrest unknowingly walked in on a prank when he started interviewing Sacha Baron Cohen dressed as “The Dictator.” Cohen told Seacrest that he was holding the ashes of Kim Jong II, and that his dying wish was to be scattered on the Academy Awards red carpet. Instead, he scattered them all over Seacrest’s black tux.


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In 2005, Tom Cruise was walking the “War of the Worlds” red carpet at the premiere when a man with a fake microphone squirted him in the face with water. Cruise quickly took hold of him and scolded him saying, “I’m here giving an interview, answering your questions and you do something really nasty. You’re a jerk.”


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