Aaron Hernandez Documentary Blindsided, Pissed Off Odin Lloyd's Family

The new Aaron Hernandez documentary is making it near impossible for the family of Odin Lloyd — the ex-NFL star’s murder victim — to recover because they were blindsided by the film.

Sources close to Lloyd’s immediate fam tell TMZ … they feel like old wounds were reopened this past week when Netflix dropped “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” … which chronicled Aaron’s life and murder case, starting in 2013.

We’re told they largely tried to move on after Aaron was convicted, but now they feel the doc is dragging them back into a dark place and forcing them to relive painful memories.

Our sources say they didn’t sign off on ‘Killer Inside’ … nor did they want to be involved in the production. We’re told the family gets approached with offers to participate in Hernandez specials all the time — but they always decline.

That being said, the Netflix doc uses enough old video of Odin’s family talking, they think it looks like they actively participated. We’re told the popularity of the film has sparked a new round of interest — meaning, they’re constantly getting unwanted attention again.

Even worse, we’re told some people have gone to horrific lengths to voice their opinion about Odin’s death — with many messaging the family to defend Aaron, and insult their deceased relative.

One other thing … our sources say the family was disheartened the doc used personal photos of Odin without their permission — but they’d rather avoid a whole new legal battle. So, they’re letting it slide.

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