Adam Sandler Recreates Iconic 'Happy Gilmore' Drive On Movie's Anniversary

3:04 PM PT — Shooter McGavin has responded!!! (Actually, it’s the actor Christopher McDonald, but he stays in character the whole time!)

Good to see these guys still goofin’ around 25 years later — rippin’ classic lines like all the fans who watched the movie.

Now, where’s Bob Barker to kick some ass?!

Get nervous, Shooter McGavin HAPPY GILMORE‘S STILL GOT IT!!!

On the 25th anniversary of “Happy Gilmore” — arguably the greatest golf movie EVER — Adam Sandler hit the links to recreate his old protagonist’s iconic swing — and it was epic!!

Adam dusted off his clubs … explained this was the first time he’s taken the old 3-step approach to hit a tee shot in a quarter of a century — and then he launched a golf ball into outer space!!!


“Shooter McGavin, this is for you,” Adam said, before piping the shot. “I’m not lying to you. That is smashed. Smashed. That went pretty well. You’re dead, Shooter!”

Of course, back on Feb. 16, 1996 … Happy came back from down 4 strokes to beat Shooter to win the gold jacket — and the movie has been legendary in the sports world ever since.

In fact, if you go to a local Top Golf to hit shots, the rules there even state there’s no Happy Gilmore swings allowed!!

“Happy loves you all!” Adam captioned his video on Tuesday. “Thanks for everything!”

Now if we could just find a way to get Bob Barker back on the course with Sandler … we’d really bring back memories!!

Originally Published — 2:20 PM PT

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