Akon Finally Gives French Montana a Real Watch After Buying a Fake One for His Birthday

The 49-year-old rapper gives the present after he admitted back in October 2022 that he wasn’t aware that it was not the original one because he paid $5,000 for the fake watch.

AceShowbizAkon has finally given French Montana a new watch after previously giving the “Lonely” hitmaker a fake Hublot for his birthday. The duo recently linked up overseas in their home continent of Africa, as seen in a video French shared of their meeting.

“Guess who I ran into,” French said, panning the camera to Akon. He then asked the latter, “That’s the watch, that’s my watch?” to which Akon jokingly replied, “You ain’t getting a watch this year. You getting something else.”

French eventually got the present though. In the caption, he told fans, “Stop asking Akon about the watch. He just pulled up on me and gave me another watch lol let’s see if he did right this time.”

Back in October 2022, Akon admitted that he wasn’t aware that it was not the original one because he paid $5,000 for it. “I get the watch I put one on, he came and said, ‘I got something for you bro,’ ” the 49-year-old recalled when appearing on Real 92.3’s “Cruz Show”. He added, “He was happy, I was happy. We lit, we lit.”

“Now mind you I’m not really knowing there’s specific brands [of] watches and all that, I wasn’t really a watch guy,” he noted. “I just saw something I liked that looked nice and I got it. French clearly went to his jeweler and got it checked out, and the jeweler was like, ‘Yo, this is fake.’ “

“He was like, ‘What do you mean fake?’ ” Akon continued sharing. “I was like, ‘What do you mean fake? The s**t tick, don’t it? The s**t work, right?’ “


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