Alisha Wainwright’s Father Defends Her Relationship With Justin Timberlake After They Hold Hands

Alisha Wainwright’s dad isn’t paying attention to his daughter holding hands with Justin Timberlake, and thinks you shouldn’t either. He said in a new interview that the outrage is total ‘hoopla!’

Alisha Wainwright‘s father wants fans to know that the drama surrounding his daughter and Justin Timberlake holding hands in New Orleans is pure “hoopla.” Music producer Jeff Wainwright said in a November 27 interview with Daily Mail that, while he hasn’t spoken to her since the photos surfaced, he knows his daughter, and she’s “a good kid.” “It’s all just speculation,” Jeff said of the pics of Alisha, 30, and her Palmer co-star, 38, seemingly getting cozy at a bar in New Orleans during a break from filming. The photos, snapped by paparazzi, show Alisha and Justin clasping hands, and at one point, Alisha resting her hand Justin’s knee. Justin is not wearing his wedding ring.

“[Alisha] is in New Orleans doing some work, that is all,” Jeff told the outlet. “They are working on a movie together. I have seen it all over the news. I did not make anything of it, really. I am a music producer, so I am used to all the hoopla. This is the business we are in. This is how it goes. I was not there, so I cannot tell you exactly what happened but I know my daughter and she is a very good kid,” he said, adding that Justin’s wife of seven years, Jessica Biel, has nothing to worry about. “I don’t see why [Jessica would]. She (Alisha) got contacted to do work and she is just doing her work.”

Alisha and Justin play romantic leads in the drama, which is about an “ex-convict who strikes up a friendship with a boy from a troubled home,” according to IMDb. Justin and Alisha were also seen exiting the same trailer on the Palmer set. However, it was the makeup trailer, not a personal one.

Jeff didn’t have any answers about the Shadowhunters star’s dating life, but that’s just because he’s a dad. “I cannot be telling you whether or not she is in a relationship or things like that,” he said. “She is a young lady, 30-years-old. She is living her life and doing what she has gotta do. She has always been a big traveler and open-minded. She is a free spirit — we all are in this family.

“Even if there is something [going on] I would not know,” he admitted.”When you are in show business, you separate family from the business. When you are at home with your family, you talk about other things. You don’t talk about this crazy stuff.” He revealed that he’ll next see Alisha in mid-December, after she finishes filming Palmer.

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