Alison Hammond on distressing reason why she had gastric band removed after two years

Alison Hammond says she 'pretends to walk like a man’

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Alison Hammond, 46, recalled the mortifying moment she decided she was going to have a gastric band in order to lose weight. The This Morning presenter was left red-faced after her chair gave way while she was interviewing actor Matt Damon in 2007, and thought it was best to make some changes about her diet.

Mentally, I wasn’t ready for the drastic change it made to my eating habits

Alison Hammond

The Hollywood star was “very nice about it”, but she decided to undergo the surgery later that year.

However, she wasn’t ready for the “drastic change” it would then have on her life.

The TV star admitted her relationship with food stemmed from a traumatising Sunday lunch at home where her dad made her eat everything on her plate despite being too full.

“[That] left a psychological imprint,” she wrote in her latest column for The Sun.

“I finished my food to protect myself and something about that experience set up a lasting link in my brain between eating and self-preservation.”

She continued: “In 2007, as I was sitting down to interview Matt Damon about his third Bourne film, The Bourne Ultimatum, I noticed that my chair felt a bit tight.

“He was incredible. I was so pleased to meet him. But halfway through the interview, something awful and embarrassing happened.”

“My size and weight went against me and suddenly the side of the chair broke.”

She added: “It was a horrible, shameful moment.”

After having the gastric band inserted, it initially did its job well.

“Physically, it worked, it created a pouch at the top of my stomach that filled so quickly I couldn’t eat much,” she penned.

“But mentally, I wasn’t ready for the drastic change it made to my eating habits.

“It didn’t feel right to be eating so little, and although having a gastric band is supposed to make you feel full quicker, I was eating salad and still feeling hungry afterwards.”

She went on to describe the feeling as “hell”, and “absolute torture”, before deciding enough was enough.

“Something started going wrong physically: I was sick a lot. I couldn’t keep anything down,” Alison explained.

“It was really distressing. I felt as if my body was rejecting the foreign entity inside me and I began to get ill.

“I kept it for two years, until it was getting to the point where I couldn’t even keep down one bite of food,” she said before revealing scar tissue forming around the band and squeezing her stomach shut was the cause of the vomiting.

Now, Alison feels happy in her own skin, adding proudly: “I may be up and down with my feelings when it comes to weight, but I mean it when I say that I love being big.

“I love myself and I love my largeness.”

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