Aly & AJ Drop Long-Awaited Explicit Version of ‘Potential Breakup Song’ – Listen Now!

Aly & AJ are giving their fans what they’ve wanted for years… an explicit version of their smash hit track “Potential Breakup Song.”

Earlier this year, the sisters talked about the song and how they would do it differently today.

“We like the song. I think that we’re proud of it. But I would produce that song a lot differently now when I think about it,” Aly told Us Weekly.

AJ added, “Yeah, same. I would love that song to get, like, a facelift. … I do like revisiting that song live and playing it for our fans. But I agree. I think the way pop music has changed now, we’d reproduce it and make it kind of a whole other thing.”

In the explicit version of the song, the now-adult sisters drop the F-bomb several times!

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