Amber Heard claims reason why ex-husband Johnny Depp won’t look at her in court is 2016 promise

Amber Heard has claimed that her ex-husband Johnny Depp won’t look at her in court due to a promise he allegedly made in 2016, as their blockbuster defamation trial continues.

Monday at the trial, which has gripped the world, saw actress Amber, 36, take to the stand once again after a week-long break. She was cross-examined by 58 year old Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez.

Ms Vasquez claimed that Johnnyonce promised Amber that she 'would never see his eyes again', and asked Amber if this was the reason that he had never looked at her in court.

Amber agreed with the question and statement delivered to her by Vasquez.

As she cross-examined Amber, Ms Vasquez questioned her about why Johnny had not looked at his ex-wife once during the trial.

The lawyer said: “Mr Depp hasn’t looked at you once this entire trial, has he?”, to which Amber replied: “Not that I’ve noticed, no”.

Vasquez went on to say: “You know exactly why Mr Depp won’t look back at you don’t you?”, and Amber replied: “I do.”

His lawyer continued: “He promised you you would never see his eyes again. Isn’t that true?”

After this comment, audio that was reportedly recorded in July 2016, was played in court.

In it, Johnny could be heard saying to Amber: “We won’t see each other again… I’m going to take my f**king glasses off…

“You will not see my eyes again.”

Following the recording, Ms Vasquez said: ‘He kept that promise hasn’t he?”

Amber replied saying: “As far as I know, he cannot look at me."

When Ms Vasquez asked again: “He won’t look at you, right Miss Heard?”, Amber replied: “He can’t.”

Amber also alleged that she decided to file for divorce in 2016 because “I knew if I didn’t I’d likely not literally survive”.

She said: “I was so scared that it was going to end really badly for me and I really didn’t want to leave him, I loved him so much.

“I would have done anything but I couldn’t do that one thing, I couldn’t stay.

She continued: “The promise and the hope I had became less and less regular and more and more rare.

“The monster was now the thing that was normal and not the exception. The violence was now normal and not the exception.

“It was so hard but I knew I had to do it… what if he had taken it too far, I wouldn’t be here.”

Johnny is suing Amber for defamation over a 2018 article she wrote in The Washington Post, which his lawyers say falsely implies he physically and sexually abused her.

He is suing her for more than £38million, saying her domestic abuse claims have harmed his career and reputation, and lost him acting roles.

Amber launched a countersuit in which she claimed that he libelled her by calling her a liar.

The trial continues.

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