Amber Portwood to Andrew Glennon: Please Don’t Take My Son!

Amber Portwood is not going down without a fight.

Hmmm… okay, fair enough: That may not be the best phrase to use when it comes to this troubled Teen Mom OG star.

But the general point remains: Portwood is doing everything she can to remain close to her son.

As previously reported, Andrew Glennon has filed a legal motion to take the estranged couple’s one-year old son to California.

He seemingly wants to move halfway across the country with little James, likely to try and start over after Amber was arrested on July for felony assault.

According to Glennon and the police report from that incident, Portwood attacked both her boyfriend and even her baby (indirectly, but still) with a shoe and then with a machete.

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Now, however, Portwood has filed her own motion in response to that of Glennon.

She wants to legally ban him from residing in California with James.

“Mother objects to the relocation and believes that it is not in the best interest of the child to relocate to California,” the court papers read.

They continue:

“Mother requests that Father’s Notice of Intent to Relocate be denied. Mother is requesting that the court enter an order preventing the relocation of the child.”

Andrew has alleged that his employment and family are in California, and that he has no ties to Indiana, but Portwood counters this claim as follows:

“Father has previously been employed as a day trader which can be done from any location,” adding that Glennon’s basis for his desired move is “disingenous.”

There’s also no proposal in Glennon’s official filing for just how he and Amber would co-parent from afar.

This is likely because Glennon thinks Amber hates being a mom and is a terrible mom and probably shouldn’t really be an active mom at all.

As things stand right now, Glennon has custody of James and Amber is only permitted to see the toddler under the supervision of a court-approved adult.

It looks like she may see her son soon, though, because Portwood shared the above photo four days ago and wrote as a caption to it:

Love you and see you soon little bubba.

Earlier this week, as part of a Teen Mom reunion special, Portwood denied allegations that she used a machete back in July, trashing Glennon for being downright insane.

But Andrew then fired back with some very personal and revealing allegations.

In a social media rant just yesterday, Glennon told followers about the “the landslide of abuse that I had to endure the past entire year.”

“It changed me,” continued Glennon painfully.

“She broke me down psychologically. I became more silent, I hesitated before speaking, what she did literally altered my speech pattern. I needed to be prescribed medication for anxiety which I have never had in my life…

“I’m not going to be silent until your dust settles. I’ve been silent for too long. The abuse has gone on for far too long.”

YIKES, huh?

Read all Andrew has to say on this topic below:

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