Amy Duggar: I Don’t Want to Be a Duggar Anymore!

Back in October, Amy Duggar welcomed her first child.

Naturally, she’s been eager to show little Daxton off on Instagram, and naturally, her page has been overrun by fans gushing about hos cute he is.

But while Amy is happy to accept all the compliments that her followers have offered up in the moths since Dax’s arrival, she has one very specific instruction with regard to how her followers refer to her child:

Whatever you do, don’t ever call him a Duggar.

Yes, it seems that Amy is eager to distance herself from her famous maiden name these days, and frankly we don’t blame her.

After all, 2019 was yet another scandalous year for Jim Bob and company.

In Novermber, Josh Duggar’s place of business was raided by Homeland Security agents as part of an investigaion that remains unbder wraps.

And the year closed out with the now-infamousw Derick Dillard-Jim Bob Duggar feud still raging,

We may never know if these controversies factored into Amy’s decision to shift away from her birth family and rebrand herself as a King.

But whatever the case, the mother of one has made it abundantly clear that she and her son are not to be referred to as Duggars.

“All the Duggar babies are gorgeous. Because all the mommas are gorgeous,” one fan wrote on a recent photo of Dax.

Amy was quick to reply — in rather unexpected fashion.

“Thank you but he’s a King baby!” she wrote.

Several of Amy’s followers accused her of being rude for not simply accepting the kind words.

This led her to further elaborate on her point:

“I appreciate the compliment, all the women are gorgeous I agree! I just really like to focus on my life now that I’m married!” Amy wrote.

“He might have a little Duggar but he looks just like Dillon!” she added, referring to her husband, Dillon King.

One fan really took offense at Amy’s argument and accused her of cashing in on the Duggar name and abandoning it once she became famous.

“She might not want to be compared to the Duggars which I get….but she [does] have Duggar blood in her which means her baby does too,” the follower wrote.

“And let’s be honest here if it wasn’t for the Duggar name she wouldn’t be famous. Not trying to be rude just being honest,” this Instagram user added.

“So no need to be so rude at times about it.”

Again, Amy was quick to clap back, this time clarifying that she doesn’t think in those terms, and does not consider herself famous:

“I do not consider myself ‘famous’ that’s just so weird to me! I’m just a girl who’s related to a famous family. I haven’t been on television in years!” she wrote.

Amy’s got a a point there.

She seems to have no great hunger for the spotlight, and if she were just using the Duggar name to get “famous,” she could have abandoned it years ago.

That said, Amy married Dillon back in 2015, and as far as we know, this is the first time she’s objected to be called a Duggar.

So it’s possible that recent events have encouraged her to jump ship — and if that’s the case, we really don’t blame her.

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