Anna Duggar Touches On Her and Josh Duggar's Financial Situation in New Court Documents

Josh Duggar’s sentencing is coming soon. And Duggar family followers are watching closely to see how Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, takes the news. Recently, new court documents show a letter Anna wrote to the judge regarding Josh. The letter shows what Anna thinks of Josh as a husband and a father. She also lightly touches on her and Josh’s financial situation. Here’s what she wrote.

What did Josh Duggar do for a living prior to his arrest?

Before Josh Duggar’s arrest in 2021, he worked at a used car lot in Arkansas called Wholesale Motorcars. His work computer at Wholesale Motorcars contained child sexual abuse material that was confiscated and used in the investigation. Prior to his work at the car lot, he worked with the Family Research Council group in Washington, D.C.

Duggar family followers speculated heavily that Josh and his wife, Anna Duggar, were getting a lot of financial help from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Josh and Anna sold their farmhouse in 2019 and then moved into a converted warehouse on the Duggar family’s property.

Jim Bob and Michelle used to receive a healthy paycheck from TLC when their television series, Counting On, was still running. In light of Josh’s arrest, TLC canceled the show. The family reportedly lost roughly $1 million per year due to the cancelation.

Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, touched on their financial situation in court documents

Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, remains mum about her finances in the public eye. But Duggar family followers continue to wonder how she provides for her and Josh’s seven children with Josh unable to bring in a paycheck. In a letter written to the judge, Anna notes Josh is a very important provider in the family, indicating that she relied on him to bring in a lot of the family’s money.

“My children and I rely on Joshua for financial, emotional, and physical support,” Anna wrote.

Within the letter, Anna also explained how Josh financially assisted their family friend’s widow despite not having much excess income. “Joshua took it upon himself to financially support his widow Denise and the children they still have living at home,” she wrote. “For the past four years, Joshua has quietly and faithfully made significant financial contributions to meet their needs. This was not because we have excess income, but because Joshua has a compassionate heart ….”

Does the Duggar family help Anna Duggar with money now?

With Josh Duggar’s arrest and upcoming sentencing possibly putting him in jail for 20 years, what will Anna Duggar do for money? Does the Duggar family help support her financially now?

It’s still unclear how much involvement the Duggars currently have with Anna. An insider told In Touch that Anna continues to lean on her side of the family rather than Josh’s. But the Duggars also stated they planned on making sure Anna’s needs were met during this difficult time for her.

Additionally, Anna has a number of LLCs in her name. She’s reportedly used Cambridge Arbor LLC, Glasgow Drive LLC, Ravenglass North LLC, Ravenglass South LLC, and Soli Deo Gloria LLC to purchase real estate before. She reportedly opened another LLC in March 2022, and Duggar family followers on Reddit believe she may put some of Josh’s personal property in her name in order to protect it.

“Upon conviction, the feds can go after [Josh’s] assets to pay any fine, but they can’t go after her personal assets,” a Reddit user noted. “Intertwined assets can be seized, so I suspect what has been going on is that [Josh] and Anna have been splitting their assets and putting a substantial amount into her LLCs.”

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