Antonio Brown Says He'll Turn His Life Around

Antonio Brown is in Miami to both celebrate and rehabilitate his image, and not just with the NFL but with cops as well.

We got Brown at one of the hottest restaurants in Miami, Prime 112, and he told our photog he’s trying to turn over a new leaf, and he’s not doing it anytime too soon.

The Hollywood Police Dept. has essentially boycotted Brown, returning a donation he made to the Dept.’s youth flag football league. As we reported, Brown berated cops who responded to an altercation he was having with his baby mama.

AB wrote an emotional letter to the Hollywood PD for being a massive headache the last few months.

Brown wrote an emotional letter to the police, asking for forgiveness … “To everyone who I may have offended or Disrespected at the @hollywoodflpd Of the state of Florida, I would like to sincerely give you all my apology from the top and bottom of my heart.”\

The P.D. made it clear … “We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent the organization.”

He told our photog he’s going to do whatever it takes to come back.

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