Ashley Graham Claims THIS Natural Aging Remedy Is Better Than Botox Or Fillers!!

Ashley Graham has her go-to move for skincare. And she wants us to learn about it, too!

The 35-year-old supermodel spoke with Byrdie for a new feature last week that is now going viral. Skincare was among the many things she discussed with that outlet — and her routine is simple but so flawless!!

For the Sports Illustrated superstar, the secret sauce in having such beautiful skin isn’t Botox, or fillers, or anything else. It’s… (drumroll please)… Gua Sha!

The ancient practice, which first originated in China, involves using a smooth-edged tool typically made from jade or rose quartz to scrape off dead skin and keep away wrinkles. Smooth and easy!

When the outlet asked Graham about her skincare “obsession,” the bombshell brunette answered:

“Gua Sha. I’ve seen so many girls do it so wrong and I feel like I have the best teacher in the whole world. Her name is Sandra Lanshin, and she’s also my acupuncturist. If you go on her TikTok or Instagram, she shows you exactly how to do it.”

Speaking of Sandra Lanshin, we’ve got her stuff right here for ya:

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