Big Brother Recap: Did the Veto Save Janelle or Kaysar?

Big Brother producers are probably scrambling right now to save both Janelle and Kaysar from eviction. 

In a season filled with supposed all-stars, they are Big Brother royalty. 

Janelle and Kaysar have now played the game together three times, and it was evident they still had some fight in them when Tyler nominated them. 

Janelle, for her part, wants to get out the floaters, including her sworn nemesis Nicole. 

Nicole has been catty towards Janelle, regularly talking behind her back, and while Janelle has been talking about Nicole, she’s not scared to say it to her face. 

Da’Vonne and other houseguests started to worry about whether the target could shift should Janelle win the veto and escape the block. 

Janelle started working Bayleigh because she felt there could be a way to save both herself and Kaysar from eviction. 

Joining Tyler, Janelle, and Kaysar for the veto competition are Cody, Bayleigh and Memphis. This was not a great pick for Jaysar because they wanted some of the weaker players to compete this time. 

Kaysar and Janelle were both eliminated early in the competition, despite Janelle getting some assistance from Memphis, who was clearly throwing the competition. 

Ultimately, Cody secured another win, and keeping his status as the comp beast of the season. 

Cody, Danielle, Enzo, Nicole, Christmas, and Tyler realized they were being played by Memphis and that he wanted to keep Janelle around for longer. 

This sets Memphis up as a target down the line because he already refused to put Janelle and Kaysar on the block, despite them saying they are gunning for his alliance. 

Janelle clearly understood the writing was on the wall, so she turned to Cody with a promise of two-week safety, noting that he will make it further in the game if she continues to be in the house.

This gave Cody some food for thought, but not enough to sway his mind. 

Janelle and Kaysar had a nice chat about being friends and getting the opportunity to play the game again, something they never thought would happen.

Janelle told her friend that she is very likely going home, and that he stands a decent chance of getting further into the season without her. 

Kaysar was upset about this, but he understands that things are changing, and there’s no way to save both of them. 

For now, it seems like Janelle is getting the boot, but a lot can change in a small amount of time inside the Big Brother house. 

Who do you think will be sent packing?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Thursday at 8/7c.

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