Big Ed Brown Caught Sending Creepy Texts to Married 90 Day Fiance Star Juliana Custodio!

Last year, 90 Day Fiance couple Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio were married in a beautiful ceremony officiated by his ex-wife.

This year, Big Ed Brown has apparently been trying to slide into Juliana’s DMs … and her husband just told the whole world.

Ed has been this season of Before The 90 Days‘ breakout star, but the more that fans see of him, the less that they have to like.

It has reached a point where even other stars in the franchise are sick and tired of his antics.

Michael Jessen took to Instagram to share a sadly not-so-shocking bit of news about Ed in a comment.

“He has been trying to text with Juliana since their season started,” Michael accuses. “Not a good guy.”

Notice that Loren Brovarnik, a universally beloved 90 Day Fiance fan-favorite and protective new mom, had time to shade Ed, as well.

“Good thing he’s the most authentic cast member in the whole history of the 90 Day Fiance franchise,” Loren jokes.

She is making reference to an interview last month where Ed made that exact claim of being 90 Day Fiance‘s all time most authentic star.

His statement and the bloated ego behind it have earned Ed condemnation from just about everyone.

Juliana Custodio is a happily married woman and, frankly, still something of a newlywed.

Her husband, Michael, may be older than she is, but he’s a handsome man who’s about a dozen years younger than Ed.

In addition to being successful, Michael was also honest with Juliana and respectful, never viciously insulting her on international television.

So why in the world is Ed trying to slide in her DMs?

Oh, right. Because she’s a beautiful 23-year-old woman.

Big Ed seems to have a type and it is speculated that he may be fetishizing young women of color in particular.

Juliana is Brazilian and Rosemarie is Filipina. Both are about the same age and very beautiful.

We wouldn’t normally say that they have all that much in common, but maybe to Ed, it’s only the superficial details that matter.

Unfortunately, this seems to fit an alarming pattern with Ed.

He is a deeply flirtatious man on Instagram, and seems willing to call fans things like “baby girl” at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, not all of those fans have been adults.

In fact, Ed’s allegedly inappropriate behavior on Instagram reportedly got him banned from using Instagram Live for a while.

If you want to have a chat with a porn star, that’s fine. Sex workers are people deserving of rights and dignity.

But if you’re talking about their porn career, it’s not really appropriate for your next conversation to be with a girl who looks to be about 10 years old.

At best, this is Ed demonstrating a clear lack of much-needed boundaries.

Whether it’s fame going to his head and making him too overwhelmed by fan responses to think clearly, we cannot say.

But while Ed Brown insists that he is not a predator, a lot of fans are not convinced.

A 54 year old man dates a woman in her early twenties once, and we look at it and say “okay, well, they’re both adults.”

But if he’s exclusively barking up the proverbial trees of women who are all younger than his daughter, that’s a creepy pattern.

We have seen at least one commenter refer to Ed Brown as “Big Ped.” That may be going too far, but Ed needs to reel it in.

Ed needs to draw the line between fan engagement and inappropriate flirtation.

He says tha the has received more than fifty proposals of marriage from women who are fans since the season began airing.

That may be so, but we hope that Ed has at least enough sense to not accept any of them.

He also needs to stay out of Juliana’s DMs and, quite frankly, avoid any social media interactions with minors. Dial down the creepiness, dude.

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