Bradley Walsh’s retirement plan addressed by The Chases Shaun Wallace ‘Won’t be the same’

The Chase: Shaun Wallace makes a dig at Bradley Walsh

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Bradley Walsh has been fronting The Chase since it began in 2009. In July, when asked about his busy work schedule, the 61-year-old said he would be retired in “a couple of years”. In recent years, the presenter has also worked on Take Off with Holly Willoughby, the ITV reboot of The Larkins titled Darling Buds Of May, Breaking Dad with his son Barney and most recently, Blankety Blank.

He said of his schedule: “You know what, in a couple of years time I won’t have to do any of it, I’ll be retired and that’ll be it.”

In an exclusive with, Shaun Wallace said that while he was unaware about Bradley’s comments, he hoped he wouldn’t be leaving the show anytime soon.

He said: “Let’s hope not, I’ve not heard that, but if I’ve got anything to do with it, he’ll be going until his last breath.”

On whether he thinks it would be the same without the veteran host, he added: “No, of course not.”

Many Twitter users expressed their concerns about The Chase not being the same if he left the show.

Bronson Johnson wrote: “If Bradley Walsh leaves The Chase, The Chase is over.”

Neen commented: “Bradley Walsh retiring from The Chase? Sorry but the people won’t let this happen.”

Emma M suggested that Jason Manford would be a good replacement for the host.

Bradley said despite his seemingly busy filming schedule, he did get quite a bit of time off from the popular ITV quiz show.

He added: “It seems like I’m on your screen all the time only because I cram everything in a certain area of the year.

“We make 210 Chases, 16 Celebrity Chases, 16 Beat The Chasers. It’s only actually 86 days recording.

“Once you’ve got your bedrock of shows set in, that allows you then to go off and do other thing.”

Shaun has been a chaser on the show since the beginning. 

He is one of six chasers alongside Mark Labbett, Jenny Ryan, Anne Hegerty, Darragh Ennis and Paul Sinha.

For the first time, the quizmasters got to work together for the show’s spin-off Beat The Chasers.

At times, some of the chasers were seen clashing over wrong answers and time wasting. 

Back in January, Mark lashed out at Shaun as he took several seconds to answer a question.

The following night, he apologised to his co-star after getting a question wrong.

On whether on-screen clashes are ever taken personally, he added: “We just get over it, we’re all human and we’re going to make mistakes.

“The banter and the comradery is as strong as ever.”

Catch Shaun tonight on A Question Of Sport at 7.30pm on BBC One. 

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