Bryan Kohberger's First Indiana Traffic Stop, Cop Seems Suspicious, Video

Video has now surfaced of Bryan Kohberger’s first traffic stop in Indiana, and the officer who pulled him over was asking a lot of questions about a “mass shooting.”

Kohberger was behind the wheel with his father in the passenger seat, when a patrol officer from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Dept. pulled them over for following too close to another vehicle.

Bryan Kohburger's First Indiana Traffic Stop, Cop Seems Suspicious

The officer begins asking questions about where they were from. At one point, Kohberger’s dad mentions they were coming from Washington State University. Bryan seems to interrupt and talk over him, as if it’s not a subject he wants out there. As you know, the University was only 9 miles from the Idaho quadruple murder scene.

The father then brings up what he calls a “mass shooting” that went down at WSU earlier that day. The officer seems curious and asks several questions about it, and then the conversation turns to where Kohberger and his dad were heading.


The officer didn’t connect the fact that Moscow, Idaho police put out an alert they were on the hunt for a white Hyundai Elantra … the same type of car the Kohbergers were in.

TMZ broke the story … there was a second traffic stop a short time later where an officer from a different agency pulled them over for the same offense and also didn’t connect the dots.

bryan kohberger mug shot

In both cases, the officers let Kohberger go with just a warning.  He was arrested 2 weeks later in Pennsylvania for the murders of the 4 students.

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