Catherine Oxenberg Reveals She Did A ‘Lot Of Screaming & Jumping’ When Keith Raniere Was Sentenced

India Oxenberg has appeared on ‘Tamron Hall’ to discuss her time being held captive by the NXIVM cult, and how she reacted to Keith Raniere’s prison sentence.

India Oxenberg, the 29-year-old daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, has spoken out in the wake of NXIVM founder Keith Raniere‘s 120 year prison sentence. The mother-daughter duo appeared on the October 29 episode of Tamron Hall, opening up to the host about how they reacted to his sentencing. “I really believed in these people and I trusted them whole-heartedly. I mean, I gave them everything because I believed that it was good,” India began.

“And that is a level of hurt that is hard to deal with once you come out of something like this because you actually really have to look at it for what it is. It was cruel, and it was criminal and it was inhumane, and the judge validated all of that on Tuesday.” Keith was convicted of a range of heinous charges stemming from his New York-based sex cult. Among those charges was one count of racketeering, a conviction that alone would put him away for life. Much to the relief of survivors, he was sentenced to 120 years behind bars.

India’s mom, who first went public with her fight to save her daughter in 2017, spoke to Tamron about her reaction to the news. “I did a lot of screaming and jumping. I’d been praying that he would get life without parole and it so far exceeded my expectations,” Catherine explained. “His sentence represents a statement to the world, to victims. There’s hope. There’s no amount of power, money, prestige that won’t get you justice. Your voices will be heard. I think it’ll send a ripple effect throughout the world in terms of predators. Beware.”

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