Catherine Zeta-Jones, 51, doesnt believe shes a great beauty in candid revelation

Catherine Zeta-Jones stuns as she works out in a swimsuit

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Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been known for her radiant beauty and age-defying looks throughout her career. However, the megastar has recently confessed that like many people, she faces her own daily battles.

Personally, I would never consider myself a great beauty

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine, 51, revealed earlier this month that in order to keep herself in tip-top shape, she starts her morning with a non-fat yoghurt alongside a serving of granola.

While enjoying a luxury getaway at her home in Spain, the mum-of-two has been delighting fans by sharing an array of snaps while soaking up the sun.

The brunette bombshell left fans speechless as she shared a video of her morning yoga routine while out and about on a private yacht.

Despite her glamorous lifestyle and Hollywood events, Catherine admitted that she often puts on a different face when stepping out onto the red carpet.

In a new interview, the Chicago actress said she was “enjoying” working on her brand, Casa Zeta-Jones “making curtains and cushions”.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, the Swansea-born actress went on to admit that she would never go outside without mascara or eyeliner, even if it was to put her bins out.

“I actually really love make-up,” she told the Australian publication.

Discussing her phenomenal career, Catherine revealed that she finds it “intimidating” upon discovering she will be playing a “beautiful” character.

“Oh, always, when I read a script and the character’s description has the prefix of ‘beautiful, stunning, gorgeous’, it’s always intimidating,” she explained.

Catherine added: “Personally, I would never consider myself a great beauty but my mother always told me to make the best of myself.”

As a mum to daughter Carys, 18, raises concerns due to the ongoing beauty standards that women face on social media.

Catherine believes there isn’t a “real representation of a woman”, claiming she wasn’t brought up with one either.

While she may be arguably one of Hollywood’s biggest stars often gracing red carpet events across the globe, this isn’t something that comes naturally to Zeta-Jones.

Explaining her lack of confidence, she said: “There’s a confidence I’ve sometimes had to put on when I walk down a red carpet, I have my insecurities like every other woman.

“But as I’ve got older, I’ve got much more confident about the way I look.”

Catherine stated she is completely for women seeking out anti-ageing beauty treatments in order to feel more confident, adding people should “do it”, no matter what it takes.

Following the #MeToo movement, Catherine admitted her marriage to Basic Instinct actor Michael Douglas may have helped her “avoid” situations that could have made her “vulnerable”.

When Catherine moved to Hollywood, she soon met her future husband and was in a high profile relationship.

Speaking to Radio Times, she said: “I don’t know whether it was beneficial but perhaps it meant I wasn’t in environments where I would have been vulnerable otherwise.

“I certainly understand how hard it is to speak up and how brave these women have been.”

The happy couple met in August 1998 when Catherine was 28 and wedded one another shortly after his divorce from Diandra Douglas was finalised in 2000.

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