Chace Crawford's Superpower? Making the Internet Thirsty.

Chace Crawford is making waves in his new role as The Deep, an Aquaman-inspired superhero in Amazon’s comic book show, The Boys. And it turns out his main superpower is being so endowed it defies photo editing technology.

We get a lot of weird promotional stuff in this line of work, but I’ve got to admit, Amazon is KILLING IT with #TheBoys. This calendar featuring The Deep (@chacecrawford) is beyond spectacular. Did you know June 5 is National Fish and Chips Day? 😂

In a promotional ‘The Deep’ calendar sent out to press as part of the show’s marketing campaign, Crawford wears his skin-tight costume against a variety of seasonal backdrops… and in some photos, the incredibly well-fitted suit is unable to hide his bulge.

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This image was sent to press as part of a calendar promoting Chace Crawford’s new Amazon series THE BOYS. And boy oh boy am I excited. So is he, it seems.

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While the majority of the calendar saw Crawford’s super-bulge Photoshopped down to a tasteful, smooth, Ken Doll-like nothing, this image for the month of March somehow made it through unedited.

Our boss can’t know why we’re posting this photo of Chace Crawford, but if you zoom in it will be SPOTTED. 🙊

There’s also a Valentine’s Day photo where he can be seen showing off his impressive glutes (which reportedly gets its fair share of screen-time on the show).

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Crawford has clearly been working out like crazy, and it shows. “I stepped up the frequency when I saw the suit!” He told The Sun earlier this year. I work out five times a week as it’s better for anxiety and sleep. I do circuit training, pull-ups, push-ups and bodyweight dips for 40 minutes. I go to the gym in the morning to get it over with and put earphones in because I hate talking to people. I view it as work.”

“When superheroes abuse their superpowers instead of using them for good, The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about The Seven and Vought, the conglomerate that covers up their dirty secrets,” reads the show’s official synopsis. The Boys is billed as a thoroughly adult take on the familiar caped hero genre, so there’s every chance that Crawford’s bulge made it into the calendar as a racy way to create buzz… Either way, given the response to the photos, it’s fair to say the show probably has a new contingent of viewers.

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