Chance The Rapper Gets Hooked to ‘Unhealthy’ Social Media All Day

In an interview for Fast Company’s winter issue, the ‘No Problem’ rapper also reveals his urge to give back to the community is from his upbringing and his faith.

AceShowbizChance The Rapper has an unhealthy relationship with social media. The “No Problem” rapper is gracing the cover of Fast Company’s winter issue, and opens up in its interview about being hooked to the online world all day.

When asked how he handles social media by the magazine, the 26-year-old candidly responds, “It’s something I’m on all day. All the time.” With a combined of 18 million-plus followers on Instagram and Twitter, he gushes, “I’m in the business of having to use social media, and I’m of the generation that really, like, made social media what it is.”

The MC, whose real name is Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, does admits that the amount of time he spent online is “definitely unhealthy.” Still, he reasons, “It’s just the reality of this time.” And when he is off social media, he confesses that the last thing he does at night is playing Fortnight.

Nonetheless, family apparently comes first for this SaveMoney member. When quizzed about the first thing he does in the morning, he spills, “I talk to my wife.” He also makes sure he is up by 7 A.M. or 7:30 A.M. to take his first daughter to school. As for the time he gets up these days, he admits that Marli, his second baby girl with wife Kirsten, keeps him up “really early” in the morning.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Chicago-born rapper talks about why he felt a certain “weight” of responsibility to give back to the community. “[It’s] just how I was raised and my faith,” he explains. “It’s the exact opposite of impostor syndrome.”

“It’s like, I walk outside sometimes and I feel like I have an abundance, and so I feel like I need to share it and serve in all [the] ways that I can find. It just feels like that’s who I am – and not in a way that’s cocky [but just that] I’m supposed to share things.”

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