Chinese Kitty Denies Lil Tjay’s Claim That They Slept Together

The former ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star gets involved in a back-and-forth with the ‘Pop Out’ rapper after the former weighs in on the latter’s drama with Rubi Rose.

AceShowbizChinese Kitty a.k.a. Taylor Hing has found herself getting involved in a social media spat with Lil Tjay after she weighed in on his drama with Rubi Rose. Knowing what went down between the South Bronx rapper and the Atlanta-based star, the former reality TV star’s glad that she was never romantically or sexually involved with Tjay.

While making her claim, Kitty exposed Tjay’s DMs to her in the past. She shared a screenshot that shows the “Brothers” spitter messaged her at least 4 times in an attempt to link up with her, but she didn’t respond. “Glad I dodged that,” she wrote over the screengrab.

But Tjay begged to differ. Responding to Kitty’s claim, he said in an Instagram video that he had sex with the “Kitty Bandz” raptress at her home in Atlanta with her son being present. “Why don’t you tell the world how I f***ed you on the bed with your son in the room,” he said in the video.

Kitty later clapped back at Tjay, calling his claim as cap. “…you not gon cap on my name…send them receipts though since you swear you did that,” she wrote on Instagram Stories, explaining that her house has 3 bedrooms, meaning there would be no reason why her son would be in the same room.

“A n***a wish he could get a chance to be next to me. In your dreams bozo. You a whole stalker. Who really lookin for a clout. You wake up wishin you could be with a b***h like me,” she continued blasting him. “N***a wish he had the chance to even be in my bed. Or even next to my kid. Are you dumb.”

In another video, Tjay accused Kitty of chasing “clout” with her expose of his DMs and stated that his situation with Rubi had nothing to do with Kitty. Responding to Tjay’s claim, Kitty shared her own videos in which she denied that she shared the screenshot for clout and asked the 19-year-old rapper to admit that he was indeed chasing after her, but she didn’t “entertain” him.

Meanwhile, Tjay’s back-and-forth with Rubi also continued, with the latter blasting him on Twitter. When the former asked the latter to “stop the Capp” since he has paid her flight back home, she detailed what prompted her anger towards him, “We was fw each other since last year. The n***a been begging me to be his gf. I finally say yes & come down for his bday Bc he said he never had a real one. Got a chef to cook, deada** went outta my way for a n***a. I caught him fw a fan of MINE, so I wanted to leave.”

Tjay has admitted in his own video that Rubi was mad at him after she saw his text messages with another woman.

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