Chris Brown Debuts New Colorful Hair, Internet Isn’t Impressed

The rainbow-colored hairdo, which is apparently inspired by Willy Wonka and ‘Jurassic Park’, draws mixed responses from the ‘Look at Me Now’ singer’s fans and social media users.

AceShowbizChris Brown has shocked people again with his new hair colors. On Wednesday, December 4, the rapper/singer/dancer, who reportedly recently welcomed his second child, took to Instagram to show off his rainbow-colored hairdo in two pictures.

One side of his hair features hues of purple, green and teal in seemingly random pattern, while another side shows yellow and red which are in contrast to his dark facial hair. “WILLYWONKA X JURASSIC PARK,” the 30-year-old wrote in the caption, suggesting that his new hairdo is inspired by the title character in “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” as well as the fictional dinosaur park in the “Jurassic Park” movies.

In no time, the comment section of Chris’ post was flooded with tons of comments from his fans and fellow social media users, who weighed in on his newly-dyed hair. “We slowly losing him,” an unimpressed user wrote. A fan also doesn’t like it, writing, “Uh Chris I love you but this snow cone look isn’t hitting for me.”

“Explosion at the Crayola factory,” someone described Chris’ hair colors. Another called it a “mess.” Some others speculated that the “Beautiful People” hitmaker made such extreme move because the stress took its toll on him or he was under the influence of “drugs.”

There were others who still supported Chris though, with one writing, “Anything he does suits him.” Another simply commented, “I like it.” Hitting back at the hatters, one wrote, “He’s different. Let this man breathe . Sheesh y’all negative comments irk me .” Someone else dubbed Chris’ new do “the best I have ever seen.”

This isn’t the first time Chris is criticized for his hairstyle. Back in October, many also disapproved of his wild look of blond and purple hair with flame patterns. “Ard (sic) Chris you going to far i this is a sign of depression,” one commented at the time, while a concerned fan remarked, “Chris brown better not be back on crack.”

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