Chris Evans Reacts to Trump Supporters Storming the U.S. Capitol

Chris Evans is calling out Donald Trump.

The Avengers star took to Twitter to voice his frustrations after Trump supporters breached police lines and broke into the U.S. Capitol Building in order to halt election proceedings on Wednesday (January 6). Protestors shouted “stop the steal”, referring to the false claims that the election was stolen from Trump which he has perpetuated since the election was called in Joe Biden‘s favor.

“I’m speechless,” Chris tweeted. He followed up, “Just think of the carnage if they had not been white.”

Chris has been vocally critical towards Trump in the past, calling out his inconsistent messaging around COVID-19 and mocking his tweets about ‘fake news’. In October, Chris told Jimmy Kimmel that he had reached out to Donald Trump about his website A Starting Point, a bi-partisan effort to combat misinformation. Chris told Jimmy that he asked Trump to participate twice and both times he declined.

Trump urged protestors to leave the Capitol in a video posted to his Twitter, but did not rescind his claims of election fraud – see the video here.

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