DaBaby Denounces Social Media Amid Baby Mama Rumors

The ‘Kirk’ rap star describes social media as a bad influence hot on heels of a woman seemingly calling him out on Facebook for allegedly abandoning his baby.

AceShowbizDaBaby vented his frustrations over people’s obsession with social media. “If social media wasn’t such a lucrative tool in the business I’m in I wouldn’t even be on it,” he tweeted. “Lost souls influenced by lost souls. I hate to see it. I encourage people to have the courage to find themselves without the false sense of security they search for on the internet.”

He denounced social media after a woman seemingly suggested on Facebook that she gave birth to his child. “I hate I had to come to social media to finally put the truth out,” the woman wrote. “But it bothers me so bad that Dababy out here not claiming OUR child. He’s now 5 years old and Dababy has yet to even SEE own his child in person (sic). No contact no nothing. Just remember it took two of us to make this child.”

Without mentioning the baby rumors, the rapper posted in his next tweet, “I always preferred to say less because social media ain’t a place for the truth. But lately I been feeling like it’s my calling to say more. ion know how I wanna play it though, I respect my mind too much to allow myself to be indentifed as one of these internet mfs.”

People apparently thought the rap star was depressed due to his legal woes following his arrest for alleged robbery, but he quickly shut down the speculations, “The internet so lost they think if a n***a say something with substance he sad.”

“B***h I’m GOOD [laugh] GOD just moved me to send out a message this morning. Don’t send pity where it isn’t needed. Just soak up the game for what it’s worth. S**t it may not be worth nothing at all.”

“But y’all don’t pay me no mind. I’m just a rap n***a wit a iPhone using his fingers to put words together. Let me go back to saying less before I scare MFs away,” he concluded.

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