Dame Deborah James enjoys pint of beer with mum after bidding farewell to her brother

Deborah James soldiers on, portraying hope and positivity

Deborah Jame soldiered on and enjoyed a riverside lunch with a smile, in spite of the heartbreaking news that she is now receiving end of life care

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Deborah James poses with her brother

Deborah James bid a heartfelt farewell to her brother recently as he embarked on a statesie holiday

Deborah James cracks a smile in this emotional family photo

Deborah James has been relying on her brother – as well as her husband – to provide support as she navigates her end of life care

Deborah James with her mother

Deborah James and her mum, who calls herself Bowel Gran on Instagram, shared this touching photo of mother and daughter bonding time

Deborah James is the picture of positive thinking

Deborah James has enjoyed moments of elation and showed the world that she still loves life in spite of the knowledge that hers is to be cut tragically short

Deborah James living life to the full

Deborah James, pictured here with her dog, has vowed to enjoy a refreshing cocktail every day until the end

Deborah James at lunch with her mum

Deborah James shared this photo of herself in her wheelchair enjoying a meal by the canal with her mum 

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