Dan Walker brands himself a ‘complete numptie’ after being left stumped by surprise remark

Would I Lie To You?: Dan Walker shares Pelé story

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Dan Walker, 43, has often been referred to as “mild-mannered”, “friendly” and an over-all nice guy from how he comes across on-air, and on Monday morning fans started the week by paying him some well-deserved gratitude. But it seemed the presenter was struggling to accept the compliments and branded himself a “complete numptie” to even out the praise. Taking to Twitter during yesterday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, one viewer penned their thoughts after Dan was replaced by Charlie Stayt on the show.

I can be a complete numptie!

Dan Walker

They wrote: “If there is a better human being @mrdanwalker then I will be amazed this guy is amazing.

“Trust me there aren’t many people I like and trust.”

But Dan was quick to disagree: “That’s a lovely comment Tony,” he replied thanking the fan for their kind words, “but I’m sure there are many.

“I can be a complete numptie!” he laughed.

Others rushed to his defence, with one saying: “I disagree Dan. You’re the nicest, kindest and most amazing guy I’ve ever met. I’m proud to call you my hero and someone I look up to.”

“Couldn’t agree more, beside my hubs he’s one of the nicest men on TV,” a second added.

A third commented: “@mrdanwalker always comes across as a really decent human being.”

The compliments come after Dan revealed he never set out to be a TV presenter, and just fell into it through his love of football.

Deep down he had dreams of being a history and PE teacher, but those dreams were slashed after he “dropped his trousers” during his post-graduate certificate interview.

Dan opened up on the cringeworthy event in a recent radio chat, as he took a look back at his career and how his aspirations led him down a different path.

“In my mind, I was always going to be a PE teacher and a history teacher,” he told Simon Thomas on his podcast Life, Interrupted.

“I went to university to do a history degree, fully expecting to then do a PGC [post-graduate certificate] after that and go into teaching but I actually got turned down for a PGC.

“The only person they turned down and the reason why – it’s a stupid story – they said I was too immature to be a teacher.”

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Before he confessed that the reason they called him immature was because he took his trousers off mid-interview, he begged the host to let him explain properly before any judgment was thrown his way.

“I was wearing my football kit underneath my suit that I borrowed, I didn’t have a suit, so I borrowed a suit, slightly ill fitting, and I had red socks underneath it,” he recalled.

Dan remembered that he was interviewed by both a male and a female, and the lady played the “bad cop”.

“She said, ‘I can see you wearing red socks. What I worry about is that you’re the sort of teacher who will be best mates with the kids, but won’t teach them anything and ultimately will let them down.’

“I took that as a huge insult so I said, ‘Hold on a minute, I’ve only got red socks on because I’m wearing my football kit.’

“And I thought at the time it was a good idea to stand up and drop my kecks to show that I had my shorts on underneath and fully ready to go because I was playing six a side straight away after my interview.”

Obviously, it didn’t go down very well and what Dan believed would be a talking-point in the interview, wasn’t.

“She sort of shook her head at me, which was probably understandable, and told me that she didn’t think I was teaching material,” he giggled.

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