Davina McCall slams cancel culture saying it is weird to punish people for an old tweet

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Davina McCall gave her comments in the latest episode of Rylan Clark’s Ry-Union podcast, as the former Big Brother colleagues dived deep on the subject matter of cancel culture. The 54-year-old vocalised her view on “cancelling” a celebrity for something they’ve said or tweeted in the past – particularly if it’s a tweet from years ago – by deeming it as “weird”.

I think it’s about the lack of forgiveness that anybody is allowed to have for making a mistake

Davina McCall

Davina expressed that it has become the norm for a celebrity’s tweets stemming back to 2010 or 2011 to resurface and all of a sudden ignite a huge social media outcry. 

“I think it’s about the lack of forgiveness that anybody is allowed to have for making a mistake,” the TV presenter explained. 

“If somebody says something and I think, that’s a celebrity that I have known for many years, one of the things that I think is really weird is hauling somebody over the coals for a tweet they made in 2011.”

The mother-of-three went on to say that though she hasn’t found herself being “cancelled,” comments she may have made about certain things in 2011 may not be the way she feels about them today. 

Davina recalled a journalist once bringing light to a comment she made eight years ago, to which she responded, saying: “I’ve changed my mind.”

And there’s nothing wrong with having a change of heart about something or someone, the former Comic Relief host declared, otherwise her understanding of life would have ultimately come to a standstill.

“Sometimes people could have been racist or homophobic 10 years ago, 12 years ago and they might have met somebody along the way who’s made them change the light,” the brunette shared. 

Elsewhere, Davina recently kicked off the season premiere of her new series Language Of Love on Channel 4. 

The reality show is centred around a group of contestants pairing up at a Spanish estate to find true love. 

The only catch is that the coupled up pairs don’t speak the same language. 

Davina fronts the show with Spanish singer Ricky Merino, who recently told the Metro how he had to Google his co-presenter before filming commenced last year.

“When they told me Davina McCall was the co-host, I Googled her because her name wasn’t familiar,” Ricky embarrassingly admitted.

“Then I saw she was the host from Big Brother.

“But when we met in Malaga, her face was so familiar… I realised she was the host from MTV Europe. I also remembered I knew Davina from when she hosted the Brit awards in 2000.”

Davina made headlines last month after insisting that she never says no to her children, adding that she also wouldn’t consider telling her daughters what they can and can’t wear. 

She’s a mum to three girls, Holly, 20, Tilly, 18, and Chester, 15, whom she shares with ex-husband Matthew Robertson. 

During her interview with The Sun in December, Davina mentioned that she’s all about having open discussions in her home. 

If one of her daughters was to wear “next to nothing” out of the house, she quipped she wouldn’t have a problem with that so long as it had been talked about beforehand. 

“Having these discussions with my kids has meant that we’ve never had slamming doors, I also feel like I’m getting to know them better, and they understand me better,” Davina voiced.

“It’s been an amazing rule that has worked so well because it’s meant that we talk, and talking is always good.”

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