Demi Rose flaunts tiny corseted waist in daringly low-cut red leather dress at Coachella

Demi Rose turns heads in her red leather Coachella outfit

Demi Rose might have felt a little warm in her skin-tight red leather dress as she enjoyed the famously sweltering temperatures of Coachella, but if she was feeling the heat, she didn’t show it.

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Globe-trotting Instagram model Demi Rose is on the move yet again, after celebrating her 27th birthday in the French Alps, and living it up in Spain and St Lucia in the weeks prior to that.

Few people can say they have had such a dramatic comeback following the pandemic era as Demi Rose, after her myriad of trips abroad as soon as travel restrictions relaxed.

The star treated her almost 20 million followers to snaps of her wearing a crimson coloured floor length dress with a thigh-high slit, plus a tight corset around her midriff to accentuate her tiny waist.

She teamed the outfit with a matching bright red Chanel handbag, plus desert-appropriate cowboy boots for Coachella, which is held in the Colorado Desert, California.

Meanwhile, her hair was worn in a long blonde ponytail which cascaded all the way down her thighs.

The day before, she’d showcased her curvaceous figure in a long white crocheted skirt with sheer panels.

Her latest snap has already had almost 150,000 likes – and she is sure to maintain the attention of followers as she continues her journey around the globe.

Demi Rose stands out from the Coachella crowds

Even in the festival crowds of Coachella, Demi Rose stood out in her dazzling red outfit

Demi Rose in Palm Springs

Demi Rose chose to kick off her time in Palm Springs in a crocheted lace outfit which showcased her dazzling derriere to dramatic effect

Demi Rose flashes the flash in the USA

Demi Rose shows some skin as she walks amid the palm trees

Demi Rose prepares for take off

Demi Rose poses on her flight to the USA, while wearing a glamorous designer outfit

Demi Rose enjoys the night life

Demi Rose took advantage of the night life in the weeks preceding her Coachella trip, having also visited Spain, St Lucia and the French Alps

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