Dennis Rodman got a huge tattoo of his girlfriend on his face

Dennis Rodman is one of those celebrities where almost every story about him feels like it came from Mad Libs or a particularly demented AI. (Remember how he was buddy buddy with Kim Jong Un??) He’s dating an artist and model named Yella Yella who appears considerably younger than he is (he’s 62). And he decided to get a giant tattoo of her–on his face. I guess he thinks she’s the one?

It’s no big deal to Rodman: The NBA great took to Instagram on Friday to share that he got the face of his girlfriend, Yella Yella, tattooed on his right cheek. It’s prime real estate on his face, for sure. But the gesture was no big deal for the five-time NBA champion. In fact, when he took to Instagram to post a snippet of the tat sesh, Rodman’s caption read, “WHY NOT 🤷🏾‍♂️.”

His girlfriend wasn’t down for it at first: Yella Yella, who is an aspiring artist, actually wasn’t down with the tat at all. At least not at first. The former Chicago Bull star told TMZ Sports that his girlfriend wasn’t the one who pushed him into getting the new ink. “I actually told him not to do it,” she told the outlet. “I’m like, ‘What’re you doing!’”

Why he did it: As for why, the 62-year-old said that “this is my last dance with a woman,” a reference to the ESPN documentary, The Last Dance. While Rodman — famous for his ink-covered body and eclectic hairstyle — and his girlfriend ultimately were happy with the result, the same could not be said when it comes to how his fans feel about the whole thing. One fan commented on Rodman’s post, “The tattoo artists need be put in jail for agreeing and doing a terrible job.”

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He already has a lot of ink but I’m sure there were better places for this tattoo than his face. I don’t have any tattoos but I know that many tattoo artists won’t do neck or face tattoos on principle. (Of course, there are exceptions like tribal tattoos, but that’s not what I’m talking about.) I also feel like if his girlfriend didn’t want her likeness tattooed on his face, that counts for something and he should have listened to her. It’s a big commitment to put someone else’s face or name on your body. It shouldn’t be a casual Friday type of thing. It feels like it could also have a controlling component to it, but that’s just my opinion.

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