‘Didn’t know how good it was’ James Martin on mixed emotions of bidding farewell to home

James Martin asks guest 'how the hell do you make vegan meringue'

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James Martin has shared his experience growing up in Yorkshire in a candid new chat. The star admitted he spent his childhood there before moving to London for work, as he explained he really missed his family home.

Yorkshire-born James shared how his family were pig farmers while his dad looked after Castle Howard’s catering department.

He later moved to London, but the celebrity chef admitted this made him realise how sad he was to bid farewell to Yorkshire.

Asked about how this felt, James said: “You don’t really understand the best bits until you leave.

“That’s a lesson in life really, you don’t understand how good it is until you’ve left it.”

He added on the Talkshire podcast on February 25: “When I moved down to London when I was 17, I never saw daylight for four years.

“I just worked seven days a week, 19 hours a day. It was relentless.

“So I think when I was in London, it makes you appreciate what home is like.

“Not in a way where I wanted to go home because that was where the work was.”

Elsewhere, James has opened up about heading on his new tour around the UK.

Posting on March 1, he shared how he was beginning his tour on March 4.

He shared a short video of the set of his new show.

Alongside this, he penned: “Not long now…set build day today, rehearsal tomorrow…tour starts Thursday!

“Bring it on, I can’t wait!

“Look forward to seeing you all.

“Oh and my mate bought me the sign for me years ago.”

The tour will be heading to 18 locations across the UK as James meets his fans.

This begins in Plymouth and will be ending at the London Palladium.

He’s admitted he’ll be cooking ten dishes from scratch during the show.

James will also be playing music and there will even be a flying pig involved.

You can listen to James’ full chat with the Talkshire podcast here.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs on ITV today at 9.30am.

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