Drew Barrymore Revealed 1 of Her First Crushes Was 'Twisted' — 'Sometimes a Mask is Hot'

All-around superstar Drew Barrymore usually doesn’t hold back with fans. She gets candid on her talk show, even if it means confessing to some old dreams from the dark side. It was widely reported when she admitted to having sexy dreams about her exes on The Drew Barrymore Show.

But she also revealed she had dirty thoughts about one of her first celebrity crushes, a famous masked villain. And that crush crept into her visions while she slumbered.

Though her cohort Ross Matthews called the confession “twisted,” he couldn’t hold in his giggles about it. So, who is the big, bad guy who caught Barrymore’s eye, the thought of which left Matthews in hysterics? And what qualities attract her to a mate now that she’s lived and learned a lot more?

Drew Barrymore’s first boyfriend was Breckin Meyer

Of course, Barrymore’s first celebrity crush shouldn’t be confused with her first boyfriend, Clueless actor Breckin Meyer.

While chatting with Donald Faison and Zach Braff on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, she revealed her first relationship was in grade school with Meyer, who is now a celebrity. Though she didn’t get into the details of what their elementary school romance was like, Meyer was a child actor, too.

So, they had some things in common. But he’s not the dark, “twisted” crush she was referring to. It seems safe to say neither of the acting children shared many of the terrible qualities of her first celebrity crush.

Drew Barrymore had dreams with ‘definite sexual undertones’ about her first crush, Darth Vader

On another episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the host confessed that one of her first crushes was Darth Vader. Upon hearing the lifestyle maven’s confession, Matthews laughingly told her, “You are so twisted.”

So, Barrymore explained she used to have a recurring dream when she was young about the Star Wars villain. And she added, for some clarity, “it had definite sexual undertones.”

Matthews, who revealed his first crush was Aladdin, giggled but told her it was “so weird.”

She declared, “I think we all can agree … sometimes a mask is hot.”

And, of significant note, Barrymore isn’t alone. There are discussions in certain corners of Reddit about Darth Vader being a bonafide sex symbol. As reported by Screen Rant, at least one Star Wars comic book has included a sexy Vader storyline. To be a little more specific, it’s about an Imperial recruit with a craving to find the “man beneath the mask.”

Drew Barrymore gravitates toward ‘funny madness’ in her partners now

To complete the story, Barrymore said she started gravitating toward “funny madness” as she got older, using David Letterman as an example. The mom of two was also married to Tom Green and is good friends with comedians like Adam Sandler and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

Plus, now that she’s a parent, she looks for nurturing qualities in her partners. But the thrice-married star doesn’t plan on marrying again. As reported by Today, she said she has sworn off marriage to avoid becoming like Elizabeth Taylor.

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