Elijah McClain's Father Vindicated by Panel Blaming Police for Son's Death

Elijah McClain was dealt with in a severely uncalled-for manner by Aurora, CO cops and paramedics — so says an independent panel investigating the 23-year-old Black man’s death … and now his family wants the officers criminally charged.

Elijah’s father, Lawayne Mosley, and the family’s attorney, Mari Newman, joined us Tuesday on “TMZ Live” to discuss the findings of a commission gathered by the Aurora City Council.

Newman says the commission determined cops did everything wrong during the 2019 incident … starting with having no legal reason to stop and frisk Elijah, not to mention later detaining him in a chokehold.

As for the paramedics, the commission found they gave Elijah way too much ketamine to sedate him, and ended up putting him in a coma … before he later died.

Newman says Aurora PD tried covering up their mess after the fact — another finding she says the panel discovered and made clear in its 157-page report.

Elijah’s dad says the commission’s findings are just the start, because his family wants justice. They’d like to see the officers criminally charged for Elijah’s death — plus, they’ve already filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city and the police department.

There’s another update for this case … the fact that the firing of three Aurora PD officers last year was upheld a just couple weeks ago by the city’s Civil Service Commission. When the Chief of Police spoke about their actions at a presser, it was clear she was sickened … they photographed each other mockingly reenacting a chokehold during a memorial for Elijah.

As for whether Mr. Mosley still believes justice will be achieved for Elijah — you might be surprised by his answer. Sounds like he’s keeping the faith.

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