Elon Musk Posts Pic of Son, Jokes Infant's Spoon Skills are Lagging

Elon Musk is showing off his pride and joy — no, not the Falcon 9 — little baby A-12 … but he’s also making it clear the kid’s following in big footsteps, so he better get his spoon skills up!

The Tesla and SpaceX honcho posted a pic of himself cradling X Æ A-Xii, (it’s pronounced X Ash A12) … adorable, right? But, Elon’s caption — in German for some reason — translates to “The baby cannot use a spoon yet.”

We’re pretty sure Papa Musk is joking because A-12 isn’t even 3-months-old yet!!! While we have no doubt Elon sets a high bar for his kids, there are limits … even for the son of Musk.

On the other hand … no one would be shocked to see A-12 rocking a headset in mission control for the next SpaceX launch. Kid’s gotta learn somehow!

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