Emily Andrea tells fans shell keep wearing a face covering after 19 July

Each week, Emily Andrea shares her thoughts with her followers, through her no holds barred column. Sometimes she's talking about what family life is like, with her kids and husband, singer and presenter Peter Andre. At other times she'll share her experiences as a busy working mum.

Now, in her latest column, the NHS doctor opens up about the very personal plans she has for living her life, as the world opens up again and restrictions are relaxed. And while many people are desperate to try and live the way they used to, Emily's words may make them think again, as she reveals the steps she's prepared to take to keep the nation safe.

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Tackling the tricky subject of how we should try and move forward without seeing Covid rates rocket, Emily said: "It seems the big debate at the moment is whether or not to keep wearing a mask after restrictions ease on July 19. For me, until the rules are relaxed on needing to self-isolate if you come in to contact with a positive case, I’m still going to be quite careful.

"I will be keeping my distance and wearing a mask in enclosed spaces, like the supermarket or on the train, as I work for the NHS and I want to make sure I’m minimising the chance of being told to stay at home for 10 days."

And Emily's not just thinking about keeping herself healthy. The NHS doctor is desperate to do all she can not to pass on the virus to anyone she comes into contact with.

"That’s not the only reason, though," Emily tells readers of her weekly column "I do still respect that not everyone is vaccinated yet and I don’t want to be responsible for anyone being unwell."

Emily goes on to reveal that squeezing yet another task into her busy life – writing a book.

"I’m really excited to share that I am writing my first book! The Growing Up guides are for children and are about the psychological and physical aspects of the journey through puberty.

"Puberty can be a challenging time, and some children may not feel able to talk about what is worrying them. With help from experts in the field, I wanted to answer some of these questions and reassure children that their journey is unique and special to them."

"To be given the opportunity to write a book for children is a real honour for me. It is something I’ve always dreamt of doing and I can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks."

Read the rest of Emily's column below…

A great birthday present!

The self-isolation rules for close contact will hopefully change on August 16, which is my birthday, and to me that is a great birthday present! I do think these changes will be welcome for many people who have struggled with their livelihoods due to the restrictions.

We’ve been restricted for a long time now and it will be great once we start making a move towards normality. The numbers of hospitalisations and deaths will obviously be closely monitored to see the effect of easing restrictions, and I just hope we start
to see the benefits of our amazing vaccine rollout.

We’re so lucky to have the NHS

Her Majesty the Queen awarded the NHS the George Cross in honour of the “courageous and compassionate staff”. It’s for everyone who has worked for the NHS past and present, so we all get a tiny piece of it, which is lovely. It’s important to remember that the NHS was doing amazing things for many years before the pandemic, but recently it has been more in the spotlight.

But Covid aside, when you work in a frontline role in something like the NHS, you are exposing yourself to all sorts of risks and threats, like other infectious diseases, not to mention the antisocial hours and emotional toll – so all staff deserve that appreciation. It’s also such a rewarding job, it’s worth all the challenging bits! We’re so lucky to have the NHS.

Laura leads the way

It was amazing to see Laura Whitmore using breast pumps on her way to Wimbledon. I love that she’s showing that breast-feeding doesn’t mean you can’t go to events or for days out.

I remember when Millie was only a month old and I went out for the first time, all dressed up to a red carpet event.

She came with us but a family member looked after her and halfway through I just popped out to breast-feed her and then I came back. You really can make it work for you.

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