Emmerdale viewers baffled by Kyle’s ‘strange’ tribute to Al after pregnancy twist

Emmerdale viewers have been left confused by Kyle’s tribute to Al Chapman, as he visited the barn where he shot him on Thursday’s episode.

Kyle was seen leaving stones in tribute after he returned to the place where he killed Al.

His visit came after Amy and Moira attempted to escape the village to Belfast to protect Kyle, following what happened and his spiralling behaviour at school.

However, Matty discovered Kyle’s secret on Wednesday's episode, and blackmailed Amy and Moira to return and scrap their plans to move away.

Meanwhile, Amy’s sister Chloe has been trying to find out who Al's secret lover was, after she incorrectly thought it was Moira, and was visited by Amy as she told her to back off.

Concerned that her sister would find out what really happened in Al’s murder, Amy said it was best that she leave the village, now that their mum Kerry wasn’t around.

It was then Chloe revealed her pregnancy secret to Amy in an effort to convince her to let her stay.

Amy questioned Chloe about the dad, to which she replied: "He's not part of it, I'm doing it on my own…and now I have to find a new place to live. I really love it here Amy, this is the first place I've felt safe since my mum and sister died."

Amy let her sister stay after learning her pregnancy secret and quickly shared the private news with Mack, Moira and Matty, on her return, telling them it was from “a one night stand”, as Mack appeared worried she’d find out he’s the dad.

As this conversation was going on, Kyle wandered into the barn where he shot Al.

Viewers shared their bafflement as he removed stones from his coat pocket and laid them on the ground.

One person tweeted: “What is Kyle doing #Emmerdale.”

A second wrote: “Kyle isn’t coping with his secret tho who would after what he’s done. especially at his age too #Emmerdale.”

A third commented: “What is with that very strange ending involving Kyle, that's it for tonight”, as someone else added: “#Emmerdale What is Kyle putting on the floor of that barn? Bits of wood to memorialise Al?”

One fan asked: “What was that Kyle had in his pockets? #emmerdale”, as another added: “What's Kyle doing with the stones #emmerdale.”


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