Evelin Villegas: Corey is an Alcoholic! He Needs Help!

In the past, we have often enjoyed seeing Evelin Villegas call out other 90 Day Fiance stars.

This time, it’s less fun — because she’s calling out Corey Rathgeber, appearing to accuse him of a serious drinking problem.

“It’s not healthy to keep trying to fix someone,” Evelin began in a thoughtful, difficult post to her Instagram Stories.

“For the last two years,” she wrote, “I’ve been trying.”

Evelin expressed: “It’s emotionally and mentally draining.”

“Addicts can only get better if they seek for help,” Evelin correctly noted.

“They not only destroy their life,” she lamented, “but the ones around them as well.”

“I can’t with him anymore,” Evelin expressed vaguely. “I really can’t.”

“His family that always checks my stories,” Evelin wrote.

She asked that they “this time reach out to him!” 

Though she is not naming Corey explicitly, it seems extremely clear who she means to everyone reading her post.

“It’s embarrassing and sad to share this,” Evelin lamented.

She continued: “and I don’t make this public to play a victim in here.”

“I do it because he cares about what’s public,” Evelin explained.

“He pretends and lies about his alcohol issues,” Evelin revealed, “he thinks that if it’s secret, it doesn’t exist.”

“But the truth is that is a real problem,” she pointed out, “and I am not an expert.”

“I do not know what else to do anymore …” Evelin expressed.

“I feel that me keeping the secret for so long has been somehow enabling him,” Evelin admitted.

Many loved ones of addicts and others with compulsive problems worry about walking the fine line of privacy vs enabling.

She then announced: “I hope he wakes up and seeks help [broken heart emoji].”

“This goes to show you that not everything is perfect,” Evelin detailed.

“And,” she emphasized, “that a smile doesn’t always mean happiness.”

“If you know me,” Evelin wrote, “you have to know that it must be serious for me to take it to this point.”

“Please don’t make fun of our pain or use it to destroy us even more,” Evelin implored anyone reading her post.

“As weird as it sounds,” she explained, “I am doing this for him.”

“And,” she concluded, “hope he can see that he needs to pay attention to the problem and fix it [broken heart emoji].” 

It was nothing short of courageous for Evelin to post this.

Not only is she trying to get help for Corey, but she’s doing so at real risk of facing a nasty backlash.

Evelin has a tremendous amount of haters who will put her on blast for this statement about Corey — especially if he insists that it is untrue.

That is, unfortunately, exactly what Corey did as he took to Instagram.

“I am a very happy and healthy individual,” Corey wrote in an obvious response to Evelin’s Stories.

“However,” he noted, “I appreciate the concerns directed towards me. Please know everything with me is complete okay.”

Given the circumstances, a lot of fans are going to have a very hard time taking his word for it.

It is well known that addicts lie — even to themselves, truly believing that they do not have a problem.

Some wonder how well equipped Corey’s tight-knit Mormon family will be to help him with a sobriety journey even if he does seek help.

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