Evelyn Lozada Takes Vow of Celibacy After Being Baptized

The ‘Basketball Wives’ star talks about her spiritual journey, saying she wants to be an example to young girls ‘to just really love themselves and really honor themselves.’

AceShowbizEvelyn Lozada is starting a new chapter in her life as she turns to God. The “Basketball Wives” star recently got baptized. “This journey though personal is also about staying true to who I am, who HE is and what truly feeds my soul,” she wrote on Instagram.

Following the spiritual ceremony, the mother of two denounced premarital sex. “I’m done with premarital sex,” the VH1 reality television star told Baller Alert. “I felt like… those [past] relationships, I lost a piece of me, every time I had sex [out of wedlock].”

If a man couldn’t be with her because of a lack of sex, she said, it’s good riddance. “Whether they’re interested in me or not with what my journey is, if they’re not with it, then I feel like it kinda clears out the BS, so that’s what I want for my life,” so she said.

“I feel like I want to be able to be an example,” she continued. “I want to be able to speak to young girls from where I came from. I want to be able to inspire other people to, especially young girls, young women, to be able to just really love themselves and really honor themselves. You know your body is a temple.” She added, “Jesus didn’t die on the cross for us to be side chicks.”

“I’m not saying I’m perfect because trust me; I’m not. I’m still working on cursing and stuff like that, which has been a way of life for many years. But you know, just really wanting to inspire the youth and young girls.”

She admitted filming her reality show would be a real challenge as she tried to get closer to God. “As a woman, a mother, somebody that’s trying to accomplish things at life, I know I have to do better with how I respond to certain situations,” she explained.

“This season whenever we start filming, whenever that is, it’s supposed to be at the top of the year. It’s going to be the real true facts because me getting baptized and really wanting to do it for God in the right way, it’s going to be not easy. But I’m determined to pass the test.”

She was aware that there would be people doubting her faith, but she was not worried. “Everyone’s going to have an opinion and say negative things, and that’s fine,” she said. “I’m not living my life for Instagram, Facebook, I’m living my life for my family, my kids, and God and the few friends that I genuinely have, and that’s just really it.”

Evelyn Lozada was previously married to Chad Ochocinco. She filed for divorce in 2012 after he was arrested on a charge of domestic battery. She was engaged to Carl Crawford in 2013 and gave birth to his son in 2014. She, however, split from him in 2017.

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