Fans Are Loving Angela Simmons’ ‘Straight Fully’ Remarks

People on the Internet are amused and feeling related to her remarks as one writes on Instagram, ‘Lmaoo she right and they be down low AND A BOTTOM ALL AT THE SAME TIME.’

AceShowbiz -Season 5 of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Hollywood” is set to return with a new episode on Thursday, December 19. In order to build the hype, WEtv recently released a clip and one particular scene featuring Angela Simmons successfully caught people’s attention.

In the said video, Angela was seen discussing her dating life with her sister Vanessa Simmons. When asked about “what’s going with you and dating,” Angela non-chalantly replied, “None.”

She was then given an idea to go out on a date with someone “good”, “discipline” and “cute.” That was when Angela gave a rather interesting response. “Is he straight? Fully?” she asked. ” ‘Cause you know, half and half nowadays.”

Instead, Angela showed interest in doing a speed dating. “I wanna do speed dating. Yeah, just for the heck of it! Nothing out here, this is a dry earth!” she said enthusiastically. Vanessa didn’t seem to agree though, noting that Angela wouldn’t be able to find a perfect guy after talking in just 90 seconds.

“I might. I might,” Angela insisted. “You never know.”

People were amused with her remarks as one wrote on Instagram, “I mean did she lie.” Another one added, “Lmaoo she right and they be down low AND A BOTTOM ALL AT THE SAME TIME.”

Echoing the sentiment, someone else commented, “Not 1 lie told. These dudes bo both men & women.” Meanwhile, the video apparently inspired one user of a new question to ask to a potential lover as she wrote, “You definitely gotta ask if they fully straight now a days !”

Some others encouraged Angela to just settle down with co-star Romeo Miller. “Romeo been waiting 345765675 years,” one user said. “Girl, just get with Romeo and stop playing,” read another comment.

However, fans may have to wait if they want to see Angela getting together with Romeo as the pair have a fallout which will be played out in season 5 of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Hollywood. “This season things just kind of went left,” Angela teased of their relationship in an interview on “The Breakfast Club”.

“After everything happen with me and my child’s father and what happened with my son, he was like, ‘I’m going to be there for you,’ and he said this on TV,” she said, referencing the fatal shooting of Sutton Tennyson, her former fiance and the father of her 3-year-old of the same name.

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