Fans Praise Kourtney Kardashian for Sharing Unedited Bikini Pic

Kourtney Kardashian is being praised by fans for sharing an unedited bikini pic over on her POOSH account. In the photo, Kourtney is seen walking away from the camera in a cheeky string bikini, and she appears to be completely un-retouched.

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The response to the pic has been super positive, with comments like “unedited queen,” “okay finally an unedited Kardashian,” “the most interesting to look at,” “it’s so good to see celebs with cellulite,” “and “I love that the little dimples were kept.”

POOSH’s account also ended up responding to some of the positive comments, saying “every body is beautiful” to a fan who wrote “way to empower the natural women body!!”

FYI, this isn’t the first time Kourtney’s gotten praise for not editing photos on POOSH. Fans were also happy to see that she didn’t edit out her stretch marks in this photo from 2019, with comments like “I love when we get to see stretch marks…normal bodies” and “Those stretch marks are giving me life & helping me embrace mine. So gorge 🔥”

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The Kardashians often come under fire for how much they photoshop their Instagram pics (truly, so many editing fails, so little time), though at the end of the day everyone should do what makes them comfortable! Either way, loving that Kourtney is keeping it real over on POOSH, and she looks amazing!

Oh, and becuase you’re definitely wondering, her swimsuit is from GCDS . Tragically it’s sold out (NOOOO), but here’s a similar one that’s on sale for $155.75.

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