Farrah Abraham's Daughter Sophia Defends Her Mom Against Haters (Exclusive)

“I hope you get karma later in life.”

Farrah Abraham has been accused of being a bad mom to her daughter Sophia — but that’s certainly not how Sophia sees it.

The ten-year-old has defended her mom against the "haters" who created the #SaveSophia hashtag on Instagram.

"She’s always positive, she always makes me happy when I’m sad. And when we go through things like this type of stuff, everything just turns out fine and haters back off," the youngster claimed at LAX.

Critics claim the former "Teen Mom" star neglects her little girl, but Sophia insisted she is living her best life.

"Our most mother daughter thing is vacations and travelling, and we really just have a lot of cute moments together," the child beamed.

She also had a special message for the haters who are attacking her mother.

"I hope you get karma later in life," she warned. "Don’t ever do that again because it’s wrong, and we all know that it’s wrong and that should never happen."

An irritated Farrah said she was sick and tired of the constant attacks, and said she was considering legal action.

"People always feed the need to drag hard working people down and wreck their families," she said, branding them "idiots and liars and haters."

She pointed to one of her former "Teen Mom" rivals, Jenelle Evans, as an example of bad mothering.

"She definitely has been making poor choices," she said. "I’m just reacting to the facts. She lost custody of her kids… that’s not a positive thing to even have on TV."

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