Fat Joe Says Will Smith Slap Makes Minorities Look Bad

Fat Joe says Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars has serious consequences for all POCs when it comes to demanding respect … especially because it was Will who got violent in public.

We got Joey Crack Thursday in New York City, and asked for his take on the fallout from Will’s actions, and the impact on minorities.

You can tell it pains him to say it, but Joe says Will being the culprit makes it much worse for the culture than, for instance, Fat Joe and 50 Cent beefing.

Watch the clip, he really did take that shot at himself — but his point is people expect more from Will, because as he put it … the Oscar winner is “the best we got.”

What’s more, Joe says the slap looks bad from the outside because it comes at a time when Black and brown people are demanding more respect in society.

Don’t get it twisted though, he sounds very sympathetic to Will — he points out what a great role model the actor has been for decades. But, for Fat Joe, the reality is that slap has some people feeling like “we don’t know how to act.”

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