Fern Britton says ‘only Putin deserves to be cancelled’ as she hits out at cancel culture

Lorraine: Fern Britton discusses royal aide being ‘cancelled’

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Fern Britton, 64, has criticised cancel culture in a new interview. However, the former This Morning star admitted that someone like Vladimir Putin “does need to be cancelled, and quickly”.

Fern opened up about her thoughts on cancel culture whilst speaking on the podcast Walking The Dog with Emily Dean.

The presenter went for a walk with the podcast host as they chatted whilst out walking their dogs. 

Fern, who is promoting her new book The Good Servant, discussed the story of Marion Crawford.

Marion, whom the book centres around, was the governess to a young Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth, who was later shunned by the Royal Family after releasing a book about her time with them. 

Emily suggested to Fern that what happened to Marion was one of the earliest examples of cancel culture. 

“She was cancelled, essentially,” Emily remarked, to which Fern replied: “She was.”

“She was one of the first big high profile cancellations, really,” Emily continued. 

“She lost everything,” Fern reflected. “She lost the family she loved, she lost her dignity, she lost her reputation.”

Marion was socially ostracised following the publication of her book The Little Princesses, and neither the Queen nor any other member of the Royal Family ever spoke to her again.

Neither the Queen, the Queen Mother nor Princess Margaret also sent a wreath to her funeral when she died in 1988 at the age of 78.

“She was shunned by her colleagues, who she’d been very close to,” Fern explained. 

“She just lost out and moved off up to Scotland with a bit of money from the book, which must have helped a bit.

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“But she was a woman who wanted respect and love and she would have had it if she had just gracefully retired, but it didn’t work that way.”

Fern went on to reveal her own thoughts on cancel culture, suggesting that it was often too unforgiving.

“I just feel with this whole cancel culture of now… Noone is allowed to have done anything good from the minute they say something bad: done.

“You’re done. Why? I mean, I appreciate if you’re Hitler or Putin then yeah, you need to be cancelled and quickly. Someone should have cancelled Putin a long time ago.”

While Fern may believe Putin deserves to be cancelled, she expressed the hope that her book might help to “revive the reputation” of former governess Marion. 

The Good Servant, published by HarperCollins, is available for £14.99 from Waterstones, Amazon and other retailers.

Waterstones says: “From the popular broadcaster and presenter comes a sweeping period novel about the conflict between duty and desire that reimagines the life of Marion Crawford, governess to Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, and the crucial decision she must make that will impact all of their lives.”

Listen to the podcast Walking the Dog with Emily Dean here

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