Finally did it! Nerve-wracked Victoria Beckham marks milestone with husband David

Victoria Beckham tries biking for the first time ever

Victoria Beckham threw her arms around her husband’s waist for the special moment, stopping only to raise an arm in victory as she conquered her fears about the journey.

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Victoria Beckham, 48, and husband David, 47, have joined family members including daughter Harper on a trip to the Rocky Mountains – and David was keen to introduce his wife to his biking skills.

The fashion-loving ex-Spice Girl kept things casual for the occasion, wearing a sporty black outfit with a pair of trainers as she clung onto him, her arms squeezed around his waist.

“Our Maverick Movement!” the helmet-clad star exclaimed to her 30.2 million Instagram followers.

She added: “@davidbeckham has been trying to get me on the back of his bike for years and finally I did it! It was so much fun!!”

Though she looked a little nervous, Victoria soon loosened up enough to rest her head affectionately on David’s shoulder as the pair raced along.

Victoria Beckham hit the open road in Aspen with David

Victoria Beckham was able to perch on her husband’s bike today, no doubt a welcome relief after an exhausting high-altitude hike the pair completed in the mountains the day before.

Victoria Beckham declared the experience her “happy place”

Although Victoria Beckham kept her composure during the bike ride and scarcely smiled, the poker-faced star assured viewers she was in her element, captioning the footage “My happy place”. 

Victoria Beckham’s husband David did a topless hike with her the day before

Even pre-teen daughter Harper joined in with the exhausting hike, during which David Beckham peeled off his top and took selfies while he admired the view.

Victoria and David Beckham never missed the opportunity for a selfie

David Beckham stopped to snap photos while he and Victoria soaked up the wilderness in Aspen, Colorado yesterday to share with their millions of followers.

Victoria Beckham also enjoyed her husband’s jet-skiing skills this summer

During a mammoth travel session this year, Victoria Beckham both lazed on a yacht and perched on a jet-ski ridden by her husband.

David and Victoria Beckham are returning to the UK soon

After adventures in Miami and Aspen to name just two places on their action-packed summer itinerary, Victoria and David Beckham will soon be back in the UK. On David’s Instagram, he took the opportunity to wish his 75 million followers a happy Bank Holiday, before promising he would be back soon.

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