Gabourey Sidibe Blasts Twista For Body Shaming Her!!

Gabourey Sidibe isn’t one to put up with nonsense. And after Twista posted a photo on Tuesday comparing her body to another woman — she fought back, and then received extra support from her fiancé, Brandon Frankel.

BUT before we get into the deets about what she said, here’s a recap of what happened (in case any of y’all missed it!). The Overnight Celebrity rapper, who hasn’t been on anyone’s radar since 2004, posted a “this or that” pic on Instagram.

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We don’t want to re-share it, but this is how it went. There was an “Option A” printed above the Precious star’s picture that read:

“make $30 a hour, own house, own car and no kids.”

“Option B” was above IG sensation and model Bernice Burgos:

“staying couch 2 couch, no car, 12k followers on ig, 3 kids 3 beds.”

THEN, if this wasn’t bad enough, the 47-year-old closed the meme with the words:

“WHO YALL CHOOSING and dont lie.”

What a jerk!

Even though Twista’s obviously bored with nothing to do during quarantine, that doesn’t make his post any less cringeworthy. Honestly, it immediately reminded us of that site Hot Or Not, created in 2000, where people had the option of checking who they thought was the hotter person in a series of side-by-side pictures.

Isn’t “the fastest rapper of all time” a little too OLD to act like this? No wonder we’ve always heard about so much drama whenever he’s in any kind of relationship.

The This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare author responded to his cruel post with the following:

“I only like you as a rapper I forgot about in 2005. But good luck with option B.”

Plenty of others supported Gabby, defending her in the comments. Her fiancé stepped up with one of the funniest responses, presenting Twista with a third option:



For Twista’s part, he deleted the post, but proceeded to tell The Shade Room that it was all some mistake. Yeah, uh-huh, okay. Whatever. During his exclusive interview, he claimed:

“I was traveling most of the day when I saw the mistake, I immediately had it taken down. I don’t know her directly but my sincere apologies to her.”

And… how exactly can this be seen as a mistake? He legitimately had to type up those words and pick two women to compare. Sounds like someone simply doesn’t want to take true ownership over something he did wrong.

The hardest part of hearing all this is that we know what Gabby’s gone through in Hollywood. Just recently, she discussed the way she’s sometimes sent out for parts where the character is described as being an elephant or a hippo. So, really, Twista needs to check himself. There’s too much body shaming happening in this world, especially against women, and the entertainment industry needs to move beyond this.

What do you think, Perezious readers?! Does Gabby deserve a better apology than the one she got? Should she have said more? Less? Drop us your thoughts below!

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