Gemma Atkinson hits out at beau Gorka Marquez over his move at home: ‘F that right off’

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Gemma Atkinson, 35, opened up on a pet peeve of hers after she finally got to spend a night alone with boyfriend Gorka Marquez, while daughter Mia was away at her mum’s house. The soap star took to her Instagram stories to reveal what the couple do when their daughter is absent, and it is “not like the movies”.

I aint got time

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma shared with her 1.4m followers the gruelling workout that she and Gorka performed yesterday in their home gym.

Gorka wrote up their fitness plan up on the wall which included completing “4000 metres” on the skier.

The actress is well known for her impressively toned physique, but it appears this move was a step too far.

She hit back: “4000 metres on the skier, I ain’t doing 4000 metres on no skier. F that right off. I ain’t got time for that.”

However, despite her initial protestations, the star successfully completed the routine.

Gemma uploaded a video of her on the dreaded machine and wrote alongside it: “We did it, even the 4000m ski erg.”

Previously in the evening, she explained that the couple were enjoying their first night together in a while without young daughter Mia.

The actress said: “The expectations of date night, when you don’t have your baby, it’s like, ‘Ooooh get your underwear on, light some candles, do this,’ No no.

“I want a bath on my own. He wants to watch his football, do you know what I mean. It’s not the movies kids. It’s not the movies.”

Gemma and Gorka welcomed their first child, Mia, back in July 2019 and have been together for three years now.

For their little girl’s birthday this year, the couple pulled out all the stops to make the day special.

On Instagram, Gemma filmed as they wrapped presents for Mia and admitted it was an “emotional” occasion.

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She wrote: “I think I’m so emotional because of how Mia was born.

“There was a brief moment in labour that I didn’t think she’d be here at all, never mind have the most wonderful year!

“That and my period must be due because I never cry.”

Gemma joked: “Right, I’m off to eat 3 white chocolate magnums!”


  • Gemma Atkinson wants to be ‘on her own’ amid disagreement with Gorka

She has previously spoken out on the “traumatic” pregnancy she endured in a candid social media post.

Gemma reflected on what occurred after Mia’s delivery: “I suddenly felt extremely unwell. Gorka got a doctor and she took 1 look at me & again pressed the panic button.

“I was having a haemorrhage. A big one & I lost a lot of blood. I don’t remember much other than having around 9 doctors in the room, some injecting me, hooking me to drips.”

She continued: “Physically pulling clots out of me & one comforting Gorks who was beside himself in the corner.” (sic)

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