Hailie Mathers Celebrates Birthday In Tight Black Dress, Leaves Jaws on Floor

More than 20 years after her father became a household name on the strangth of his platinim debut album, Hailie Mathers has gained fame in her own right.

But while Eminem turned heads with lyrics about chainsaw murders, his daughter is repping the Mathers family name in a much kinder, gentler way.

Hailie has evolved into a major influencer with over 2 million followers on Instagram alone.

What makes this accomplishment especially impressive is that she’s accomplished that feat despite taking six month breaks from posting.

Hailie has managed to capture the popular imagination in a way that few other influencers have proven capable.

She might not have as many followers as your Kardashians or your Jenners, but when she posts, it’s just as much of an event.

Hailie celebrated her 25th birthday on Christmas Day, and while it was certainly a much more subdued celebration than she anticipated, it seems Hailie was happy to mark the occasion with her followers.

“Even though this isn’t the ‘golden’ birthday i originally would’ve planned, i know i will still make 25 my year regardless,” she captioned the photo below.

“I feel so blessed & lucky to be here and at this place in my life. merry christmas & happy holidays everyone!!” Hailie concluded.

We imagine there are worse ways to spend the holidays/your birthday week than on the sprawling estate owned by you gajillionaire rapper dad.

Sure, maybe you just have enjoy a quiet holiday at home watching A Christmas Story on repeat.

But there’s always a non-zero chance that Snoop will stop by for a socially-distanced birthday smoke sesh.

Okay, so there’s no reason to believe that Hailie engaged in any sort of low-key partying at Casa de Shady.

In fact, Eminem has been sober for years, and Hailie doesn’t strike us as the hard-partying type.

It’s interesting that Em made a name for himself as one of the most candid and confessional rappers of all time, while Hailie has risen to fame in the age of social media while carefully guarding her privacy.

As we said earlier, Hailie took a six-month hiatus from Instagram earlier this year, and she explained her absence by posting:

“Does the explanation ‘2020′ work for everyone here?” 

Yeah, we’re pretty sure those four numbers work as an explanation for just about anything. 

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