Here’s How To Find Your Snapchat 2019 Year In Review For A Fun Look Back

Just like your Instagram Best Nine, Snapchat’s tradition of its Year in Review can spark some major year-end feelings. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting its return, you won’t have to wait any longer. As of Dec. 13, the feature is available, so you can take a look at all of your fave Snap moments. If you aren’t sure where it is, here’s how to find your Snapchat 2019 Year in Review to get that nostalgia going before 2020.

Vox recalls that Snapchat’s first-ever Year in Review feature began in 2017, with its "A Look Back at 2017." Like the previous versions, your 2019 Year End Story will show all of your favorite snaps wrapped up into one awesome Story. A Snapchat representative stated that the 2019 Story will only be available for a limited time. Although it is unclear exactly when it will disappear, you’re probably going to want to find it quickly so you don’t miss the chance.

To access your Year in Review on Snapchat —which Snap’s rep says will showcase memories that have been "specially categorized" to give you the best look back on activities, places, and people — open Snapchat and go to your Memories.

Once you’re in your Memories tab, you should see "A Look Back at 2019" at the very top of the "Snaps" section. However, if you don’t see it there, the odds are you are one of the Snapchatters who will not have a Year in Review Story. This is because Snapchat creates them only for people who have enough saved Snaps in their Memories section for 2019. So, if you haven’t saved much to 2019 Memories or hardly Snapped at all, you may be out of luck. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix this and there is no loophole to get a Story created. Instead, you’ll just have to remember to save Memories in 2020 and wait until the return of Snapchat’s Look Backs.

If you do find your "Look Back at 2019" Story, you’ll be shown the number of Snaps from 2019 you saved in your Memories before you’re introduced to a fun string of categories, such as work, pets, family, and places you’ve been. And yes, if you do have a lot of Snaps of your pets or random strangers’ dogs, you should see "A year of furry friends" tied into your Story somehow.

Don’t worry about the special Story completely disappearing, either. Once you have viewed it, you are able to save it to the Stories section in your Memories, send it to your BFFs, and post it to your public Story.

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