Here’s Why the Golden Globes Might Start Late on Sunday

There’s a chance that the 2020 Golden Globes ceremony won’t actually start at 8pm ET on Sunday night (January 5), the airtime that NBC has been advertising for months.

The network will be airing the NFL Wild Card game starting at 4:40pm ET and if the game goes into overtime, the network is going to delay the start of the Golden Globes.

“If the football game goes long, the Globes telecast won’t start until it ends, and will still run in its entirety,” an insider told Variety.

NBC aired the Wild Card game last year before the Golden Globes and the game ended at 7:54pm, which gave just enough time for the Globes to begin right on schedule. Airing the game before the awards show is a big help for ratings as the football game will have tons of viewers.

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